Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Muffin Man interview

Whats your real name?
Joshua Fuentes

Where are you from?
Born,raised and still doing it in N.Y.C,Uptown!Washington Heights.

What are your current sponsors?
The Garden,Cult,O.S.S,Fuild Watches,Am:Pm

How did it come about getting the nick name "Muffinman"?
Because I got those muffins,man.

You are now riding for CULT. How did this opportunity come about?
Shawn told me about it a long time ago,then Russ spoke to me not to long ago about it,then I spoke to Robb O and it was a rap,Big thanks to them for looking out for the kid!Means alot!

Whats a typical day like in Washington heights/ the city for you?
Wake up and walk up the block to the Dominican Bakery to get a Cafe con leche for my mom,shower nallthat,do whatever I got to do around the hood then hit up Bpiff or Lil Steven to see where the sesh is poppinoff at.Which most of the time is downtown,aint nothing like riding from my house to the banks/downtown,pedaling like a mad man,not stoping at all,cutting off cars and red lights always make it mad fun,Shout outs to the people that don't look both ways before crossing the street!

Who were some of your favorite riders growing up that had a huge impact on you riding?
Aaron Ross,Tony Neyer,Vinnie Sammon,Casio from Mullaly,Jorge Jovel,Eddie Cleveland,Tony Cardona,Shit Luck team,Jake Seeley,Chase Dehart,Poach from Queens,Ralf Bury,Edwin Dela Rosa,Big James,Joey Pizza,Lino Gonzalez,Shagy from Owl's Head,K.P,Jared Washington,Biz,B.X Drew!,N.Y.C Locals!

Whats your favorite part of being part of the Garden family?
That i can walk into the spot after not being in there for like a year and feel like I seen everyone the other day,The Garden is dope and deff feel like Family to me,Big thanks to everyone at The Garden and shout outs to the local scene out there!

Your constantly changing your bike set up's all the time. How do you get used to your bike and why is that you cant stick with the same bike for more then a week?

I've been going to A.A meeting for this and its been going good,I have not traded a part in a year,hopfully I dont relapse and start trading again thou...Na but realy I feel like I was just looking for the bike setup that realy works for me,took 4 1/2 years but i finaily found it and ain't traded parts in a min,or mybe I just got older and stoped wanting to fuck with my bike because I hate having to fix my bike or w/e nowadays haha

Your currently working on a web edit for The Garden. How's filming been going for this and what are some things we can expect to see from the Muffin?
Filming has been taking a lil while because I want Am:pM Joey to film it, he is a Teacher and a Student so he has not had that much time to film it,he told me he is going to link up with me this week thou so the edit should be up in two weeks,Expect me riding my bike and loving it and some dope spots.

Who are some of your favorite people to ride with on a day to day basis. Also we all know you have your little goonies that you bring up in the bmx game. Who's someone we should be looking out for in the future?
On the day to day I ride with a crazy amount of people but to name some,Bpiff and Harlem slimes,Lil Steven,White Baii,Birdman,White Baii,Regz,lilBig,Josh,Ralf Burry,Mell,Rob aka uncut,Joey P,Big James,Frankie and Mullaly cats,everyone at the banks..and as far as the future I think everyone in N.Y.C,latly everyone has been holding it down and going in!! Jose,Lil Steven!!,White Baii,Lil Pepe,Ralf burry,Mell,Rob aka uncut sick out to me the most.

Recently you dropped a trailer for your new video your making a "1000 nigga deep." Whens this gonna drop and what are some expectations we should have for this video?
New York City Life Style,real shit.

You have had your blog running for over 2 years now what made you want to start this and how did the name come about?
I wanted to have something that everyone in the city and all my boys can rep,and a place where I can post shit that I find interesting.Check It Out!!!!!!!

Last year you put down parts in both AM:PM dvd''s and got your G.E.D, what can we expect to see from the Muffin this year?
Mmm,Am:Pm 3 part!,Garden and Cult web joints,"1000 Niggas Deep" Dah Streets D.V.D!,bringin back the D.S.B flip cam edits with everyone in New York City in it,collage depending on financial aid later in the year and other stuff....Mmm idk realy but you will deff be seeing the kid alloverthejoint doing whatever makes me feel good! I got a feeling its going to be a good year!

What are some things you would like to see happen with the Garden in the future? Also we are now working on building the online store to expand into a legit mail order, what are some expectations you have for this?
More Garden trips!,the 1st trip we when on to Buffalo was the best trip I ever been on,and AYE I'm hyped on that,only expectations that I have for it are that we do it right,dope looking web site,shipping on time and no messing up on peoples orders haha,as my man Shady Grady always tells me"for the homies by the homies"haha.

Any special thanks?
Brooklyn Banks!Everyone at The Garden,Corey Godfrey,Jake Seeley for being the best dudebroman ever,Rob O Shawn Russ at Cult !!! MY HOLE D.S.B FAMILY,B Piffington youalreadyknow!,Lil Steven!, Ewip,Jesus,Adam22,BIG JAMES and EVERYONE in the city,Nard,Edwin Dela Rosa,Everyone at Mulllaly,Nose and everyone in the hood on B.B.M,everyone who checks the blog,Am:Pm Joey for always holding me down,My Dad for doing everything he has done in his life and for always being there for me no matter what,and my Mom,love you guys...ugh i hate not being able to say everyones name but I know way to many people that i got love for,so shout outs to EVERYONE,youalreadyknow who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

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